The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) is driven into the ground under the action of a weight dropped onto an anvil. The rate of penetration into the ground can be related approximately to CBR. The standard equipment most suitable method for use in the bottom of core holes and test pits to indicate the strength and thickness of the foundation layers. The equipment is simple, fast and low cost.

The DCP uses an 8 Kg hammer dropping through a height of 575mm and a 60° cone having a maximum diameter of 20mm.  The strength of the material is assessed on the rate of penetration per drop or “blow”.   The number of blows between readings will vary depending on the strength of the layer being penetrated.

Experior Engineering have developed a very simple, but powerful piece of free software for Android OS (DCPData) which can record the measurements of a DCP.  The intuitive software guides the operator on the exact number of blows to apply while the cone penetrates into the surface under test.

DCPAnalyser software (Windows Software) processes the raw data files, produced by the DCPData Android software.   The data can then be processed to calculate the CBR values of layers identified within the DCP data trace.  The software allows the user to add project details, company logos and addresses.  

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DCPAnalyser software can be purchased from the PayPal link shown below.

A DCPAnalyser  licence is machine locked (not transferable between computers) and is sold as a yearly subscription.  The licence entitles the user to all product upgrades for the software released during their yearly subscription.  The user will also receive technical support during this period.  At the end of the subscription, if the user does not purchase a new licence, the software will cease to operate.

To purchase the DCPAnalyser  software please choose from one of the licence options on the PayPal link.

Once you have purchased a licence, you will receive an email within 24 hours containing the activation code for the software.  

The first time the software is used the user will be asked to enter their details.  Please enter a Customer Name and Company Name in the boxes. Please email the software registration file to the email address stated by the software.  A licence file (XXX.lic) will be sent to the user’s registered email address.   

Run the software again, which will take you back to the same screen asking for your details.  Click the Close Button and a new screen will appear, click the Enter License… and load the licence file (XXX.lic) into the software and click the Apply License button.  The software will show a new screen, click the Start Program button and the main screen of the DCPAnalyser software will open.

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