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Product Downloads

You can download a free 30-day evaluation version of the software by clicking the link above.

The first time the software is run the user will be asked to enter their details.  Please enter a Customer Name and Company Name in the boxes.  Click the Generate Registration File and chose a location to save the registration file. Please email the software file to the email address stated by the software.  A licence file (XXX.lic) will be sent to the user’s registered email address.   

If a licence has been purchased (see Pricing) the licence file will activate the full software with no restrictions.  If not, the licence file will be a 30 day evaluation version with restrictions.

Run the software again, which will take you back to the same screen asking for your details (You do not need to re-enter your details).  Click the Close Button and a new screen will appear, click the Enter License… and load the licence file (XXX.lic) into the software and click the Apply License button. The software will show a new screen, click the Start Program button and the main screen of the PrimaAnalyser software will open.

.Net Framework 4

Some users may get a warning that .Net Framework 4 needs to be installed.  Please follow the link below to download a standalone version of this Microsoft product.

.Net Framework 4 (Standalone)


The user can check for updates for the software by clicking the Check for Updates button located in the Help menu.

Details of New Release (Build 10.10000.100) 20/03/20

1. Delete, Copy, Paste and Cut command added to Point Data table

2. Location information in Dynatest file now moved to Chainage column instead of Pavement Description.

Details of New Release (Build 7.10000.100) 03/12/19

1. Map window has been updated.

2. A bug has been fixed which prevented some Dynatest file from loading.

Details of New Release (Build 3.10000.100) 12/03/19

1. A bug has been fixed which was preventing all the data from the Dynatest devices loading correctly.

Details of New Release (Build 2.10000.400) 25/02/19

1. Ability to show Equivalent CBR added

2. A new ribbon controlled print preview has been added

3. A bug has been fixed in the form which calculates the surface modulus to enable the form to be widened

Details of New Release (Build 1.10401.100) 14/11/17

1. Version 3.0 of the software released

Details of New Release (Build 5.401.404) 05/01/17

1. A bug has been fixed which was causing stability issues with the software.

Details of New Release (Build 5.401.403) 23/02/16

1. A bug has been fixed which prevented the software from showing the y axis title in the signal graph and was incorrectly showing a legend in the stress dependency graph. The output report has also been fixed which showed the same issue as above.

Details of New Release (Build 4.301.401) 22/01/16

1. A bug has been fixed which prevented users from loading data which had been recorded on some of the newer handheld devices.

Details of New Release (Build 301.201) 10/07/14

1. A bug has been fixed which prevented users from showing the corrected LWD/FWD correlated data within the foundation certificates.

2. The print preview now defaults to show two pages.

Details of New Release (Build 301.101) 30/04/14

1. A bug has been fixed which prevented users from producing a report from a file which only had one point.

Details of New Release (Build 301.100) 20/02/14

1. A new Options menu has been added under the Tools menu enabling the user to save his address and Company Logo as a default setting.  This removes the need for the user to keep loading this information each time a report is produced.

2. The user can now include the Chainage, Latitude and Longitude information in the output summary table for each measurement point.

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PrimaAnalyser Software

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